Things I Am Thankful For

"Rest and be thankful" - William Wordsworth

Sometimes life can get so hectic and busy, the stresses of university can get me down a bit and I get into this kind of funk where nothings bad but nothing's great either. In these kind of situations it's important to realise what's important and what matters and when I get like this I find it best to think of all that I'm thankful for. It puts everything into perspective a little bit, makes you realise that yeah, life can be stressful and maybe even get me down, but i have SO much that I am so grateful for in my life.

I'm a pretty happy go lucky kind of person, not much tends to get me down but that's mainly because I don't really have anything to get me down. If I'm ever perhaps not feeling at my happiest I know the things that I can do to make me happy; drawing, phone home or talk to friends. There are so many things that put a smile on my face and I should never take that for granted

because it isn't a happy and healthy life without waffles!

It's a life factor that is so, so easily glossed over, sometimes it's easy to forget that I am so lucky to live in a country with a free health care system in place. As long as my family and friends are happy, that's all that I need to realise how lucky I truly am.

I am so incredibly lucky with my situation right now, I'm doing a course that I love (okay it may get tedious and I complain about it a lot but I really do love it deep down). I've had the best university experience, I've made lifelong friends, loved every second and really proved to myself that I deserved that unconditional offer.

My friends are pretty awesome if I'm honest with you. Whether they're friends from home or university they're all kind of wonderful.

I've probably left the most important one until last here... I have the most supportive and loving family that I could wish for. I may not live with them all year round but they're only ever a phone call away and I know that no matter what happens they'll always be there, right behind me, cheering me up, encouraging me and motivating me to be the best me I can be.


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