Starting 2017 in the Right Way

"New Year, New Me." - The most overused statement in the world

We're almost a month into 2017 and it got me thinking: why didn't I set a new year's resolution? A year ago I did a post about how I didn't understand why people focus so much more in the year ahead than the year gone by, but we all know the answer - the answer lies in the quote at the beginning of this article.

But really, why do we always want a "new you" what's wrong with the-year-just-gone-by you?

With my lack of new year's resolutions I've been surprised to have found myself making steady improvements, both to my health and my attitude towards life in 2017.

I used to swerve the gym if I didn't have someone to go with but now I'm perfectly happy to go alone - and now that I go alone I'm going more frequently. I'm finding it easier to eat healthily, I find myself wanting to eat healthily and looking forward to my healthy meals more than I did previously.

As if on queue I was contacted by a brand, Bimuno, they offered me a free 14-day trial and you're able to get a free trial too! It is easy to fit into your daily routine, simply stir into your breakfast, which is my preferred method, or into a hot drink each morning. It has a wide range of health benefits, I found that it has stopped me feeling bloated after large meals and has, so far, fended off the inevitable 'start of term uni flu'.

A bit about Bimuno...
"The Bimuno range consists of products containing a special fibre selected by the friendly bacteria that live in your digestive system and make up an essential part of the digestive process. After only 7 days Bimuno is working in harmony with your digestive process providing nutrition for and increasing the numbers of these special bacteria to the ideal level for each user.
We encouraged some of the world's leading scientists to develop a unique deigestive support system that feeds and encouraged certain types of bacteria natural to our digestion including the important bifidobacteria and Bimuno is the end result."

For a free 14-Day trial and 15% off your first purchase of Bimuno click here.

Terms and Conditions:

  • UK customers only
  • Link may only be used once per customer
  • If you have pre-existing medical conditions please check with your GP prior to using Bimuno

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