The Underappreciated Georgia Nicholson

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm a woman now - I WEAR A BRA!" - Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Now, 2008 was a bit of an odd time for teenage girls across England as our screens were graced with the arrival of Georgia Nicholson. Since then, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging has become a nationwide favourite and this month landed on Netflix (as if we didn't all already own the DVD!)
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Things I Am Thankful For

"Rest and be thankful" - William Wordsworth

Sometimes life can get so hectic and busy, the stresses of university can get me down a bit and I get into this kind of funk where nothings bad but nothing's great either. In these kind of situations it's important to realise what's important and what matters and when I get like this I find it best to think of all that I'm thankful for. It puts everything into perspective a little bit, makes you realise that yeah, life can be stressful and maybe even get me down, but i have SO much that I am so grateful for in my life.

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My Absolute Pet Hates

Here we go...
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The Girl On The Train - Film Review

"There's something comforting about the sight of strangers safe at home" - Paula Hawkins, The Girl On The Train

little while ago I did a review post of the book The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, and I loved it. Now the problem then lies that the film won't live up to expectation; that it won't be quite as good as the book was.

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Little Mix's 'Shout Out To My Ex' Single Review

"Shout out to my ex,
You're really quite the man,
You made my heart break, And that made me who I am" - Shout Out To My Ex 

The Little Mix girls are well and truly back everyone! Fresh off the X Factor Results stage they released their brand new single Shout Out To My Ex, from their next album entitled Glory Days, and it's everything a Little Mix song should be: catchy, sassy and excellent!
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my disenchantment with print media

"it's blend of high fashion and world-class photography" [about] AnOther

Following my recent post about how Harry Styles' feature in AnOther Man magazine has, just maybe, saved me from my disenchantment with print media I thought I would take a few minutes to sit down and explain why exactly I became so disenchanted in the first place.

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My Top 10 Favourite Disney Films

"Stay outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it" - Tangled
So here we have it, the list of my top 10 favourite, animated Disney films. It has to be said, it was a tricky decision making process but I'm pretty sure I've got it right!
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James Arthur 'Say You Won't Let Go' Single Review

"Then you smiled over your shoulder, for a minute I was stone cold sober"

Following a turbulent couple of years for the 2012 X Factor winner, James Arthur is back with a brand new single Say You Won't Let Go. 

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My Feelings Towards Busted's Return

"You gotta put your past behind ya" - Timon, The Lion King

Yes, I know that they've been back together for a while now and I'm perhaps a little delayed in writing this post. I won't deny that this was seven-year-old-me's dream but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Not only have they lost their young charm and vibe, they just seem a bit awkward and, dare I say it, a bit past it.

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