James Arthur 'Say You Won't Let Go' Single Review

"Then you smiled over your shoulder, for a minute I was stone cold sober"

Following a turbulent couple of years for the 2012 X Factor winner, James Arthur is back with a brand new single Say You Won't Let Go. 

The single differs slightly from his previous style, more stripped back and raw, proving himself to the public that he is back and ready to take the music world by storm. It has to be said that following a couple of years of silence from the Middlesbrough born singer, I wasn't really expecting much. He had had phenomenal success with his X Factor winner's single but I just assumed that the curse of the first place position had hit him and he was gone from the music industry radar.

I could't have been more wrong. Say You Won't Let Go is relaxing and calm, the perfect chill out song. It's catchy too, the melody repeating round in my head as I write this post. His voice sounds vulnerable as it's accompanied by a gentle piano backing. Reminding me of the tone of One Direction's Little Things or Ed Sheeran's Photograph, it is a slow but charming song. However through the gentle rifts in his voice and the sometimes hoarse tone, the love ballad is presented with feeling.

It's definitely a well deserved come back for James Arthur, and here's to hoping that the media pay the song and vocals attention instead of the reason he's been quiet for the past two years.

You can buy the song by clicking here