The Underappreciated Georgia Nicholson

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm a woman now - I WEAR A BRA!" - Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Now, 2008 was a bit of an odd time for teenage girls across England as our screens were graced with the arrival of Georgia Nicholson. Since then, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging has become a nationwide favourite and this month landed on Netflix (as if we didn't all already own the DVD!)

Now you my watch it now and pity Georgia and her tragic schemes and stalking but back in 2008 she gave ever young teenager the glimmer of hope that, no matter how big your nose is or how orange and blotchy your legs are, Robbie will like you.

Her embarrassment from her parents and fall outs with her friends are pretty much an essential process in the whole growing up business. Even her friendship group was the quintessential English high-school girl group: the flaky, desperate and cringe one, the one with all the experience and a long(ish) lasting relationship, the immature and childish one and then there's you: the one who's somewhere between all of that.

The fact that it related to so many people so well (apart from the hideous fashion choices perhaps?) made Georgia Nicholson an experiment in a way. She tried it first, trialed all these things for us so that we didn't have the embarrassing fake tan and Speedo swim suit fails or the fact that pretending your pet is lot will never end quite how you want it to. She made it clear that granny pants were kind of better than a thong (because that would see you exiled to Vulgaria) despite the fact that they were still awful.

Georgia has her fair share of embarrassments and humiliations, who doesn't through their teenage years (okay maybe ours aren't quite as bad as Georgia's), but still Robbie dumps the leggy, slaggy bimbo for the slightly alternative, whacky and 'nice' girl who loves doing handstands in the swimming pool. A realistic scenario? I think not.

But all its faults aside Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is the ultimate English pick-me-up and laugh out loud film and, no matter how much we laugh, somewhere through our teenage years we've all had a minor Georgia Nicholson moment! And if the film's taught us one thing, it's that she should've stuck to Dave the Laugh (he turned out pretty hot and he didn't marry an OAP - yay!)


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