My Feelings Towards Busted's Return

"You gotta put your past behind ya" - Timon, The Lion King

Yes, I know that they've been back together for a while now and I'm perhaps a little delayed in writing this post. I won't deny that this was seven-year-old-me's dream but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. Not only have they lost their young charm and vibe, they just seem a bit awkward and, dare I say it, a bit past it.

Having announced their new Night Driver Tour earlier today and their new single On What You're On released last month, Busted are well and truly back. But, to me, it's like going back to a place you loved when you were little but ten years later. Everything you enjoyed, you've now grown out of, what was cool then isn't anymore and everything just looks and feels a bit older, and a bit try hard.

I'm not by any means saying I haven't enjoyed a bop or two to their new single, but it's just not the same. Their music is upbeat and fun, a vibe that suited their teenage selves but seems a bit odd over ten years on.

Credit to the Busted lads for giving this whole reunion thing a go, they're certainly brave and they're definitely appealing to an audience that's both new and old but they'll never be the old Busted again. They're sound has, undoubtedly, matured yet is somehow still in keeping with the old tunes like Year 3000 and What I Go To School For but still I'm not sure how I feel about all this.

Perhaps it is because they were once Busted but now they're like Busted Pt.2, the gap of over a decade makes it feel a little uneasy almost. Maybe it's because I was enjoying Charlie's solo material but something is just putting me off this now. I was so excited when they announced a reunion (partly because it meant McFly were back to being McFly rather than McBusted) but now that the novelty has worn off it just makes me feel weird about the whole situation. I'm far happier listening to their old stuff knowing that they ended on a high rather than dipping into their new stuff and just wishing they had left it back in 2005 when they were more popular. Who knows. I just don't feel at ease with this whole thing.

Tickets for Busted's new Night Driver Tour go on sale on Friday morning (14.10.16)