My Absolute Pet Hates

Here we go...
  1. Loud chewing
  2. People who repeatedly talk over the TV loudly
  3. Slow walkers
  4. Incorrect use of grammar
  5. Bra straps being on show under racer back tops
  6. People who queue jump and push in
  7. Having headphones in whilst in a social situation
  8. Bad service
  9. Bad table manners
  10. When people act like they're 'dying' when it's just a cold
  11. Freeloaders
  12. People who have bad FOMO (you can't be involved in everything in life, deal with it)
  13. Rude children
  14. Stuck up people
  15. People who bitch about people who they're all pally with
  16. The word 'bestie' (it's gross and cringe and people stopped using it in year 2)
  17. Fussy eaters
  18. Vegetarians who are veggie because they don't agree with killing animals but who eat fish (fish are still animals)
  19. People who have always have to outdo you
  20. People who document THEIR EVERY MOVE on twitter


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