Niall Horan's 'This Town' Single Review

"It's funny how things never change in this old town, so far from the stars" - This Town, Niall Horan
I'm writing this post very spur of the moment, in fact as I type these words I have only known that the song I am reviewing has existed since 16:41 (it is currently 16:45), so just bear with me!

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Another Man ft. Harry Styles

"There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world" - Zayn Malik
(perhaps a controversial person to quote regarding the subject of this post but just work with me here please)

It is the thing that, this week, has had social media going mad. Harry Styles' AnOther Man feature which has him splashed across the front of three separate covers for the autumn issue of the magazine. Now celebrities cover the front page of thousands of magazines every week but this one is a little different, not just because it's Harry Styles, because its page after page of artistically perfect, excellent quality prints of the ex boyband member.
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My Bucket List

"I got a theory a person ought to do everything it' possible to do before he dies, and maybe die trying to do something that's really impossible" - Strangers on a Train, Patricia Highsmith

So here I am, being totally predictable, jumping on the bandwagon that so many people have jumped on already, with my bucket list. This is more of a refined version of the original list (and shorter!), I figured I should probably leave off things like 'become a mermaid' because, no matter how appealing that would be, it's also impossible (unfortunately!) I'm going to keep coming back to this post, adding things and crossing things off, using the fact that I've now broadcast all my hopes and dreams online to motivate me to achieve!
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The Most Perfect English Destinations

"I have never before been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor" - Steven Spielberg, 2012

Now, I'm not a widely traveled person; the amount of times I've been abroad you could count on one hand, but thanks to long summer days as a child exploring England's most treasured places - be it on bike or foot - I have really experienced the best this country has to offer. If you're planning a trip to England or just considering a road trip or a 'stay-cation', here are my top places to visit and trust me, you really won't be disappointed.
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Bastille's 'WILD WORLD' Album Review

"It's easier to bury, my head in the sand sometimes" - Snakes, Wild World, Bastille
The Bastille lads are back at it; after performing at V Festival and Glastonbury over the summer and with their upcoming UK tour and Apple Musical festival gig, their new album will get plenty of live recognition. It seems hard to believe that five years ago Dan Smith (the band's front man) was embarking on a solo project from his bedroom. With the singles from their first album, Bad Blood, such as Pompeii, Flaws and Laura Palmer making such a bold mark on the music industry, the pressure was certainly on for their second album. Wild World is all intense drums, somewhat unclear lyrical meanings and the odd oohh and plenty of ahhs. 

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Let's Talk About Great Expectations

"I have been bent and broken - but I hope into better shape" - Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

This post was very spur of the moment and random but having just finished Great Expectations I felt compelled to write about it. Not in review form but in a different way to my usual 'book posts'. Great Expectations is a book I've read a few times before but, after being set it for summer reading, it really struck me that, despite it being an old book, we can take so much from it.
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No More Wasted Time

"It's named the 'Web' for good reason" - David Foster Wallace

With phones, Netflix, Twitter, Youtube and laptops, in today's society it is so easy to cut yourself off from the world and waste valuable time online doing mundane tweets and watching petty Youtube videos. Constantly staring at a phone screen can't be healthy but, unfortunately for us, these things haven't been around long enough for there to be any definite proof. But that doesn't mean that people should be sitting idly by and just utilising their lives as human guinea pigs for the effect of technology upon humanity.

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The Upcoming Year: Excitement vs. Unease

So, with my trip back to Reading for the year right around the corner I thought I would write a bit about what I'm looking forward to and what I'm nervous about in the upcoming academic year.

If we're going about things chronologically, let's start here, in September. The month that I move back to university and begin my final year of studying English Literature. Now this is something I am excited about, being at home all summer has been lovely, relaxing and much needed but I'm always happy to go back to Reading. Moving into the new house and seeing everyone again after a long summer break, September is definitely a good one.

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Let's Talk About University

"University's like this little world, a bubble of time separate from everything before an everything after." - You Had Me At Hello, Mhairi McFarlane

As a student who is about to embark on my final year at university I thought it was pretty apt that I did a post about university life. Whether you're starting university in the next couple of weeks or are simply looking around universities at the moment, I want to (hopefully) give you a bit of general advice and tips, my 'advice to my former self' if you will.

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