The Upcoming Year: Excitement vs. Unease

So, with my trip back to Reading for the year right around the corner I thought I would write a bit about what I'm looking forward to and what I'm nervous about in the upcoming academic year.

If we're going about things chronologically, let's start here, in September. The month that I move back to university and begin my final year of studying English Literature. Now this is something I am excited about, being at home all summer has been lovely, relaxing and much needed but I'm always happy to go back to Reading. Moving into the new house and seeing everyone again after a long summer break, September is definitely a good one.

The end of 2016 is a very exciting time. November: my 21st birthday! Yes the big two - one, birthdays are always exciting. I love birthdays almost as much as I love Christmas, and that is a lot! However, 21 does come with a few hang-ups. 1) I'm actually an adult like it's non negotiable once you're 21 2) With adulthood comes responsibility and that's really not ideal is it 3) Should probably start thinking about my future now I'm an adult but I really don't want to, it's too daunting! Although I have my hang-ups I'm not going to worry too much about them, well not enough to let it get in the way of the celebrating anyway!

Before my birthday however I'll be off to the O2 Arena to see Bastille! Yes! A band that I really love, okay I may not be too in your face and open about my appreciation for Bastille but they're incredible to see live and I really am very excited for it! Then, after my birthday I'll be back in London, this time in Hammersmith, seeing Passenger for the first time. Now this is a bit of an odd one, more of a spontaneous decision. I've never seen Passenger before and I'd never really given it too much thought but I'm never one to turn down a concert and now it's booked, I'm pretty excited!

December, December, December! Or should I say Center Parcs, Center Parcs! Yep, I'm off to Center Parcs twice in December, once as a belated birthday celebration and the other for Christmas. It's the first time we'l be spending Christmas away from home but after this year we felt a change of scenery was appropriate and there's nowhere else I'd rather spend Christmas. The woodland retreat is one of my favourite places in the world and it'll certainly be an excuse for a cutesy, wintery and cosy blog post so keep an eye out for that!

New Year is always exciting, gives everyone a chance to decide the things they're going to achieve and then, by March, realise that it's a lost cause!

After all this excitement, however, comes the unease. Exam season, dissertation deadlines and finishing university. University is kind of like a little bubble, a bubble of safety where you're almost protected from the outside professional world in a way, but those three years will be over and it's me out there on my own. This is where the major unease sets in. I've spent a lot of my summer break looking for jobs to dive into straight after finishing university but, so far, I've had no luck. There is a career path I'm looking into, something I've wanted to do for so long now but I don't really talk about it for fear I won't be successful, I never want anyone to think I've settled for second best. What will be will be I suppose!

So there we have it, all my excitement (which pretty much ends with 2016) and all my unease (which begins with 2017), all posted up here in my little space of the world wide web, hmm! Let's see where this academic year takes us!


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