Bastille's 'WILD WORLD' Album Review

"It's easier to bury, my head in the sand sometimes" - Snakes, Wild World, Bastille
The Bastille lads are back at it; after performing at V Festival and Glastonbury over the summer and with their upcoming UK tour and Apple Musical festival gig, their new album will get plenty of live recognition. It seems hard to believe that five years ago Dan Smith (the band's front man) was embarking on a solo project from his bedroom. With the singles from their first album, Bad Blood, such as Pompeii, Flaws and Laura Palmer making such a bold mark on the music industry, the pressure was certainly on for their second album. Wild World is all intense drums, somewhat unclear lyrical meanings and the odd oohh and plenty of ahhs. 

The first album track Good Grief  has a compelling message of loss mixed with an upbeat, and somewhat jaunty, melody. Taking the vibe and quotes from 70s and 80s sci-fi films it ties this first track in with Send Them Off which is also of the same inspiration. One thing that you can expect from an album from the Bastille lads is a mixture of genres and styles all merged together to create their own, unique, style. A mix of heavy drums, 90s dance track inspiration and catchy, singalong choruses, makes this album so much better than their last, their style has evolved, their writing has improved, and their messages are far more personal.

Wild World truly is worth a listen, catering for so many music tastes it would be very hard to be disappointed.