Niall Horan's 'This Town' Single Review

"It's funny how things never change in this old town, so far from the stars" - This Town, Niall Horan
I'm writing this post very spur of the moment, in fact as I type these words I have only known that the song I am reviewing has existed since 16:41 (it is currently 16:45), so just bear with me!

Niall Horan is back, this time alone, and with a brand new song. Entitled This Town it's all very acoustic, mellow tones and a lyrical style that reminds me somewhat of Ryan O'Shaugnessy meets Shawn Mendes, with a most subtle hint of  John Mayer. It's the perfect debut solo single for Horan, simple and stripped back, emphasising his vocal ability and definitely a step away from the bubblegum pop that his first number 1 (What Makes You Beautiful) is so well known for being. One Direction's sound definitely matured over the years and this song is rather alike to I Want To Write You A Song. A guitar driven love song, slow yet charming, understated yet wonderful.

Accompanying the random single drop is a rather precious black and white video of Horan, sat on a stool with a guitar. Just like the song it's stripped back and raw, and oh so wonderful. The Album artwork shows a mid-shot of Horan, yellow sepia in tone, stood in front of a song writing sheet, scribbled down lyrics of the song hang behind him.

It's only been out on iTunes for less than an hour (I believe) but it's definitely worth the listen!


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