No More Wasted Time

"It's named the 'Web' for good reason" - David Foster Wallace

With phones, Netflix, Twitter, Youtube and laptops, in today's society it is so easy to cut yourself off from the world and waste valuable time online doing mundane tweets and watching petty Youtube videos. Constantly staring at a phone screen can't be healthy but, unfortunately for us, these things haven't been around long enough for there to be any definite proof. But that doesn't mean that people should be sitting idly by and just utilising their lives as human guinea pigs for the effect of technology upon humanity.

I, myself, am guilty of wasting time on my phone, of re-reading the same tweets just because I can't be bothered to do anything else, of watching 'suggested videos' that are so uninteresting but I'll absorb myself in them anyway. But I know this needs to stop. There's so much more to life than Kylie Jenner's latest tweet and investing more time into Zoella's life than into your own isn't really ideal.

Thee university term starts in the next couple of weeks and, being my third year, it is so important that none of my time is wasted. This year is so, so important, far more so than that tweet with 20,000 retweets.

So I'm taking some time out, not completely but taking enough time for myself to work on me. I don't need to read other people's tweets to enhance my life, and let's face it I'll never have the same, luxurious lifestyle as Zoe Sugg so why am I watching her hauls of things that, as a student, I can't afford?

They say that if you want something doing then ask a busy person, which would explain why I don't get asked too many things! Well I'm going to busy-up my life (most people search for relaxation but ha! not me!) whether it's sticking to structured study at home timetables, going out the house and seeing friends at least once a week or just spending that little bit longer in the gym or on campus doing something productive. I am a victim of the Youtuber phenomenon, and how I've tweeted 80,000 times in the past few years I don't know. But I won't be anymore.

Yes, watching a video or two can be good escapism and relaxation after a long day and yes, sometimes twitter is handy but I don't need to be glued to it. I'll use it when necessary, when I need to rather than when I should be or could be doing something else.

It's so, so easy to waste time but that needs to stop. No more wasted time, an more time spent on the things that really matter and will improve your life and happiness.