Where My Love Goes (Music Review)

I've always been a sucker for music release days; new music = happy Kate. What I love even more are great new music releases with great videos to accompany them.

Today it was the turn of one of my favourite bands, Lawson. Releasing the video for their new song Where My Love Goes and the video is brilliance at its absolute best!

Yes it's kinda cheesy; and yes it's totally adorable. Honestly? It's wonderful! With the main focus being on lead singer, Andy Brown, the video centers around his proposal to his girlfriend Joey who was on the set of their new video to take photos.

Combining band footage with videos of Andy and Joey the video has a very homely and intimate feel; complete nostalgia! From snapchat face swaps to holiday videos - jumping off a boat into a sea so blue it's making me want to escape dreary England and go on holiday all the more.

The moment of the proposal is absolutely adorable with the video set lighting up with totally instagram worthy fairy lights and a Will You Marry Me? neon light that would totally look awesome on your tumblr page! And the best bit? She said yes (I bet that was a relief, else they would have had to come up with a totally new video idea!)

Let's not forget though the wonderfulness of the song that this video is for. Slightly different to their other hits it's personal, adorable and extremely catchy! You could definitely have it on repeat for a good week or so without getting bored!

So congratulations Lawson on another great song and another perfect video and an even bigger congratulations to Andy and Joey!

You can buy Where My Love Goes on iTunes now for just 59p, it is the second song available off their upcoming album Perspective.