Sounds Live Feels Live (Gig Review)

Photo Credit: Rachel Reid twitter: @rxchelreid
An early start, a lot of waiting around, and three trains later I hopped off the train in Nottingham. A bit of a trek compared to my usual trips into London to go to gigs but when 5 Seconds of Summer arranged their tour dates they didn't take into consideration that I was in America when they did their London dates - so Nottingham was simply the only option!But I'd made it (all in one piece may I add!) which left only one problem: I'd never been to Nottingham, I didn't know my way around Nottingham, and I was thoroughly alone on my hunt for the Motorpoint Arena. Luckily the combination of google maps and discreetly following two girls in band shirts got me to the right place! 

Photo Credit: Rachel Reid twitter: @rxchelreid
Photo Credit: Rachel Reid twitter: @rxchelreid
The Sounds Live Feels Live tour had finally made its way to Nottingham and after watching endless videos of their sold out London shows at the O2 arena I was incredibly excited to see what their Nottingham show had to offer! I've been lucky enough to have seen the 5SOS lads many a time over the past few years; both on their own tour and supporting the One Direction lads, but this didn't lessen my excitement at all. 

Our first encounter inside the arena was with security who told me my bag was too big and I needed to put it in a locker, another member of security told me it was fine (thanks for that pal I'll never forget your kindness) but the miserable old lady was standing her ground. Me and Chlo found this rather pathetic and it only became even more pathetic when it turned out that to resolve the problem all I had to do was put my purse in Chlo's bag. I know right, thoroughly stupid! (5SOS I know this isn't your fault but maybe next time just rid all grumpy security guards okay? It was a faff) But anyway, we were in!

Okay so the stage may not have been to the scale of their supporting shows at Wembley Stadium but it was certainly an upgrade from the messy, paint filled backdrop of Ashton's garage. And there were no pyrotechnics this time (to my relief, last year's Wembley show scarred me emotionally as much as it scarred Michael physically okay?!) but it was clear the show would still be spectacular! One part of concerts I will always despise are the music choices before the concert starts and the obnoxiously loud screaming along to these songs from the crowd but we muddled through it and finally the lights dimmed and the stage lit up. 

The setlist is always a critical part of a concert; yes I wanted to hear their new stuff but I also didn't want classics like Disconnected to be cut out. Thank god it wasn't, although I missed Long Way Home and Heartbreak Girl terribly. Nevertheless their setlist was impressive, mixing old and new, their uptempo ones, Permentant Vacation, Money and She's Kinda Hot were particularly good, and slower ones like Amnesia and Jet Black Heart. So well done lads, good setlist choice! (although we didn't get Airplanes, sort that out please)

Michael and Luke were their usual dorky selves, advertising their 50th anniversary tour "To start the hype and maybe make it a complete sell out" (I'll be there lads don't worry!), Calum's bass playing and cuteness were on point and we don't even talk about Ashton, we just don't, else I'll start a long ramble starting with his biceps...

All in all it is fair to say it was a spectacular show, full of energy, bright lights and incredible musical talent. They just manage to sound better and the concerts feel better every time (that was my attempt at a joke. Not funny? Okay.) 

Anthemic tunes, sound lads and energetic crowds and sharing that with one of your best friends, nothing really gets better than that. 

Definitely a solid 11/10 at least.