At the end of every year everyone seems to say "this year has flown by" or "I can't believe we're into the next year already" and then you have the new year resolutions; the "new year, new me" statements and, to be quite honest, it's getting boring. Everyone is always so preoccupied on what they're going to do or change in the upcoming year and no one seems to reflect back upon the year that has passed.

For me, 2015 has, undoubtedly, been my favourite year yet. I'm not one to focus on accomplishments but more experiences and memories and here are a few of my favourite from 2015!

My holiday to the south of France with my family was definitely one of the best holidays that we have been on! From sandy beaches to 12km canoeing trips the whole holiday was blissful! There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of paddles cutting through the clear, glistening waters under the midday sun. The pure tranquility of being lost in the middle of nowhere is unbeatable. 

There's nothing better than spending a late August weekend in a muddy field in Chelmsford - also known as V Festival. After going for the first time in 2014 there was no other option but to go again in 2015. With a line up including Calvin Harris, Olly Murs, George Ezra, The Script, Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith, 2015's V Fest was set to be one of the best yet. In my opinion there is nothing better than great live music in the sunshine with your best friends.

My trip to Budapest was definitely one of the best parts of the year. From ruin bars to Margaret Island; everything was just so stunning and, more importantly, incredibly affordable! (read about my entire trip http://beckybooloves.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/budapest.html )

Through the power of twitter and *cough* One Direction *cough* I have made some incredible friends but never in a million years did we all think that somehow all seven of us, from two different countries, could all manage to met up in Hyde Park. It took some pretty intense planning but we managed to pull it off and it is definitely a standout day of 2015. Having been friends for almost five years; none of us ever really expected it to happen but I am so, so incredibly glad it did!

Ever since I can remember I have longed to go to Disney World and, nearly 21 years on, I'm finally going this year! It will definitely be the best part of 2016 and I cannot wait! 

So thank you, 2015, for being so good to me and bring on 2016! I can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!