Done and Dusted.

"So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on" - Nicholas Sparks

It's kind of weird how something can be your whole life for quite some period of time and then it's just not. I found the feeling of leaving sixth-form and secondary school a similar one but leaving university is a whole new level of weird.

Packing up my room was strange, knowing that once home the stuff would need unpacking, rather than to be put aside to take back to Reading in September. I left up a few decorative bits until I move out completely so that when I return I don't feel like I'm staying in a cave but it's still rather eerie to think that I'm no longer a student.

University has been my life for three years now and it has to have been the BEST experience of my life, I've met some wonderful people, formed some really strong friendships that I know will stand the test of time but I still feel like the university book has been closed.

I'm currently at home, at a bit of a loss with no commitments, no responsibilities and no housemates to go and bother when I'm bored. Looking for a job in this day and age is, quite frankly, painful, application after application, e-mail after e-mail all to receive, at best, a "we regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful" e-mail about ten-months later. Sometimes I just find myself submitting an application but not really wanting the job, what I really want is to be heading back to university in the autumn term, living away from home, enjoying clubs and bars, even walking to lectures in the rain, and in the dark come winter, are aspects of my day that I find myself missing. The complete independence that university offers you is like a breath of fresh air and, for the only time in your life, do you have an adequate excuse for being unemployed, ranking up a hell of a lot of debt and drinking and dancing until your feet hurt.

University will forever be a part of my life that holds memories that I treasure, and although I don't feel quite ready to cut myself off from the most enjoyable and rewarding experience of my life, the time has come. Despite still having Summer Ball and graduation to look forward to, with the end of exams and moving all my possessions home, I feel cut off from it already. Rather prematurely perhaps.

But that's it.

University; done and dusted.