5SOS - This Is Everything We Ever Said (Mini Post)

"Hey, we're taking on the world,
I'll take you where you want to go" - Unpredictable, 5SOS

It's like Christmas came early! To celebrate their fifth birthday, those 5 Seconds of Summer lads released something that fans have been after since the dawn of time - a b-side and exclusive track playlist that they've released over the years.

This comes after a day of posting #tb images over their band account's Instagram and it truly is one of the best things to ever happen in camp 5SOS. Including tracks such as Story of Another Us, Unpredictable and Wherever You Are the Spotify playlist is currently ruining my whole 'it's December so I only listen to Christmas songs' thing that I had going (and it's only the 3rd). So if you're looking for a playlist to listen to, look no further even if you're not a massive 5SOS fan!