Top Five Reads This Winter

"I hope she'll be a fool -- that's the best thing a girl can be in the world, a beautiful little fool" - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

The days are getting that bit shorter. the weather's cooler and you're probably pining for a hot chocolate, complete with whipped cream and teeny-tiny marshmallows. Winter is almost upon us and there's no better season to curl up with a book, under a blanket with the fire on, a steaming hot chocolate beside you.

As an English Literature student, it's no surprise that I love getting absorbed within the leaves of a fantastic book and so here are my top five books that you should be reading this winter.

The Girl on the Train
Yes, I know I've already done a book review of this one and it's so hyped about now that the film version has been released but, if you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend giving this one a read. It's exciting and thrilling, a book that you'll definitely struggle to put down. Incredibly tense and extremely well written this psychological thriller will be the best thing you read all year.

The Last Act of Love
This heartbreaking true story, written by Cathy Rentzenbrink, is quite a short book, easily read in a day, but it's a book that will make everyone really appreciate what they have. There's a very real sense of family and love right the way through the book, with a heartbreaking narrative about a young lad who died too soon.

The Great Gatsby
Yes, it's a classic but it still bothers me how few people now days have actually read it. My most favourite book of all time, it's brilliant, imaginative and a book you simply can't put down. So many people know of the story and have seen the film but honestly, nothing compares to the book itself. The ending is often said to be disappointing but I challenge you to read it and realise that it's the best possible way the book could've ended.

You're The One That I Want
A totally adorable, and at times hilarious, tale of a love triangle. Written by Giovanna Fletcher, it's charming and very real. Dealing with a heartbreaking narrative for one character it makes you want to cry and smile all at the same time.

After You
Everyone's read Me Before You now, but so few people are bothering to pick up the sequel, it's totally wonderful as Moyes continues the tale of Lou after Will's death. Although playing no physical part in the novel (obviously) his spirit and charismatic nature lives on as Lou tries to move on.