Festival Essentials

Now we're in the midst of summer, festival season is well and truly underway. From Glastonbury to Reading, thousands of us Brits are headed to festivals across the country even though sunny and dry weather is hardly likely, oh the joys of a British summer!

Now what our festivals lack in the sunshine and 'tumblr-esque' vibes of Coachella we well and truly make up for with our wellies, mud that goes up to our knees and a campsite so packed you'll be lucky to find your tent at the end of the day.

Having been to V Festival for two years now, and going again in just over a week, I've become accustomed to dingy portaloos and having at least six pints of beer spilled over me over the course of a day. Once you get past all the slightly unhygienic aspects, a festival is definitely a way to enhance your summer and make life long memories, I'd truly recommend giving one a go!

Packing the right things for a festival is definitely key to having the best and most stress free time once you're there and here are a few of my 'festival essentials' minus the obvious tent, sleeping bag and clothes...

  • Dry shampoo - yes, it's said time and time again and is quite possibly the first rule of festivals! For a weekend without showers and a far cry from home comforts dry shampoo is the way forwards! This year I'm taking the COLAB New York dry shampoo, by far my favourite dry shampoo brand that smells lovely too!
  • Wipes, wipes, wipes - just as your hair needs some attention when you're away from a shower, wipes are going to have to be your equivalent to a shower as well as being useful to remove make up and clean your grubby belongings with.Just make sure to take loads as they don't exactly go a long way!
  • Water bottle - to avoid extortionate festival prices taking your own water is key but most festivals don't permit you to take liquids into the festival site which is why an empty bottle will be your savior! There are free water points all round the site but that's no good unless you actually have a bottle! I take my collapsible bottle with me so that I can gradually make it smaller as I drink and not have to worry about carrying an empty bottle as, once empty, it's tiny enough to put inside your bumbag with ease!
  • Sun cream - because, who knows, maybe the sun will actually shine! Let's just keep praying and hoping for that one!
  • Hair oil - with all that dry shampoo and potentially warm weather it's very easy for your hair to become dry and matte looking, to combat this I turn to ogx coconut water weightless hydration oil, it leaves hair feeling super soft, tames frizz and smells amazing too!
  • Hand sanitiser - this is definitely a must have but sometimes over using hand sanitiser can dry out your skin so the one I recommend is Carex Moisture Plus to maintain soft, non-dry hands!
  • Body spray - let's face it, the lack of shower remains an issue even when you're wet wipe and dry shampoo clean so body spray should combat that 'fresh out of a damp tent' odor. Simple impulse sprays are the best as they are just the right size for a bumbag and with so many scents to choose from you're spoiled for choice!
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste - don't deprive your teeth from care just because you don't have a sink, just wet with water from a bottle and spit into the grass round the back of your tent.
  • Cereal bars - basic? I know but cereal bars are very versatile, can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner r as snacks and they taste good and fit in a bumbag, there is literally no down side to this one!
  • Hat - To prevent your scalp from burning, keep the sun off your face or to simply hide that three-day hair, shove on a cap and you're good to go!
  • Phone charger - whether you take your own mini chargers or book one to collect once you're there, you won't be having a fun weekend if you have no way of contacting the people you're with or are unable to take photos so make sure to keep that phone battery going! I always book with Volt for V festival, for £20 your phone is constantly kept alive, they're efficient, powerful and I think they're pretty good value too!
  • Deodorant - this one is pretty obvious but essential all the same!
  • Bug spray -  because being bitten is never fun, especially when you're not in the comfiest of beds and who wants to be itching their leg instead of watching Bieber? Not me!
  • Wellies - duh! They make the mud all the more bearable and have become somewhat of a fashion statement at festivals!
  • Moisturiser - your skin will thank you for this after a long day of being outside, especially your aching feet, they'll definitely need some tlc before bed! I find e45 the best for instant moisture but Body Shop body butters do a wonderful job too!
  • Basic makeup - this one is always a struggle for me! Cutting down my makeup to my basic essentials takes forever but I think I've got it nailed now... Brushes: a beauty sponge, powder brush, fluffy eye shadow brush, angled brush and a flat eye shadow brush. Makeup: foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, lipstick and whatever your desired product is for sorting out those brows. The highlighter and bronzer can double up as a cute eye shadow duo and, if you're still stuck, just sprinkle yourself with glitter. You can never go wrong with glitter!
  • Bumbag - because how else am I going to carry all my stuff around with me?!
  • Chewing gum - to keep your breath minty fresh when on the move.
  • ID - so often overlooked but so so important if your festival experience isn't complete without a cider in hand!
  • Pack'a'Mack - yes these are the things my mum always told me were practical but I never agreed until I started going to festivals, with a clip on the pack you can clip it into your bum bag and enjoy the festival in the comfort of knowing that you're covered (literally) if it starts raining.