The Waffle House

Tucked away behind Verulanium Park in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, is The Waffle House. Just a short walk through the park and past St. Albans Abbey, part of the restaurant's charm is its beautiful surroundings and the leisurely summer walks that can be done before or after eating.

 It is situated in a 16th century watermill and, depending on whereabouts you're sat it is possible to still see the water wheel turning - although this may not sound incredibly exciting to many of you, it adds to the picturesque feel of the place.

Serving both sweet and savoury belgian waffles, it is my favourite little restaurant that radiates a welcoming and homely feel (I too was a little unsure of the whole savoury waffle prospect, but they're actually incredibly delicious - especially the chilli con carne one).

It's often hard to find little spots like this but The Waffle House is definitely one of the little gems of Hertfordshire.