Disney World

Caution: this post contains a splash of faith, a drop of trust and tonnes upon tonnes of pixie dust!

Note: I'm struggling to actually put into words the pure wonder and amazement of my Disney World experience so excuse me if this rambles, repeats and hops, skips and jumps (for now, I'll simply blame the jetlag!)

When people say that Disney World is the "happiest place on Earth" they really aren't lying.

It took me approximately nineteen years and nine months to convince my parents to book a Disney trip; and then another eight months after that for it to roll around. But it happened and, in the space of just one week; I've fallen completely and utterly in love with the happiest place in the world.

Walking into the Magic Kingdom park I felt about five years old again; I was in awe of everything surrounding me. From Cinderella's stunning castle to all the little details that are most probably overlooked by most guests, everything was just, to put it simply, perfection. It was everything the glossy TV adverts, with the worryingly happy families on, made it out to be but more!

From meeting my favourite Disney characters, to the shows. From the rides, to the evening spectacle of parades and Wishes. There was not a single second in any Disney park that I wasn't grinning from ear to ear. Although I had been nagging my parents to take me since before I can even remember in many ways I am glad that it has taken until now for me to go. It just increased the excitement, raised the expectations and made me appreciate being there all the more.

Magic Kingdom was definitely my favourite park, just the pure beauty and astonishing image of the park blew me away. (I'm 99% I died and entered heaven as the castle came into view). Having said that, Epcot was a whole different experience in itself. It was more mature, more modern and spacious - a thought through and effective layout. It was certainly more relaxing walking around Epcot than the hustle and bustle of Magic Kingdom!

Note: I really am struggling here to comprehend the week I've had and write about it; this post feels all so jumbled and bursting with excitement but oh well

I have never wanted to convey more emotion in a post than I do in this one and I'm simply praying I'm doing Disney World justice here...

One of the greatest things I found about Disney World is that if you focus on any one person or family nearby you can see the happiness on the faces of the kids and, sometimes, the glimmer of excitement in the parent's eyes too. The entire place is filled with happiness, from the characters to the cast members and the visitors. It is as if Disney World in a physical sense is a blank canvas but so well primed that the only result can be incredible and wonderful. The entire park brims with smiles and overflows with magic and it's certainly something you can't truly comprehend until you're there yourself.

I have never been happier than in the moment I walked into the largest Disney Store in the world. Twelve rooms filled top to bottom with Disney merchandise and souvenirs, my idea of pure paradise. And, in that first evening, I wanted (no needed) every product available, without a doubt I could've easily spent an entire day in that store alone. I spent pretty much the entirety of the dollars I took with me! Do I regret any of my purchases? Not. One. Bit.

As for the characters? Frozen's Anna was just as outgoing and hilariously charming as she is in the film. Her sister Elsa was more reserved, more of a classic, yet still charming, Queen. Rapunzel was boisterous and away with the fairies as expected, whilst Belle was more of a smiley and delicate character. And Goofy provided entertainment, cheekiness and hilarity. The way in which each and every character lives up to expectations and acts like they do in the films, even just while they're walking from A to B is another tiny yet incredibly important detail that Disney World has perfected.

I sincerely hope that my jumbled rambles and excitement fueled words have done an attraction as incredible as Disney World justice. No amount of writing or pictures can truly convey the magic of an experience such as Disney but here's to hoping I've done a half alright job. And if you don't think I have... just have a little faith and trust and sprinkle my words with a little extra pixie dust!