Lawson (Gig Review)

Okay so I may have a bit of a band theme going on here, and I do admit to liking the odd band, or two, or three, but just stick with me on this one, it will be the last band post I swear! (I'm too poor for any more tickets or music)

Fresh off tour down under with Robbie Williams; Lawson are back! They have somewhat dropped off the radar in the UK over the past year or so, with new material being promised early next year (yay) and with me having been to two shows over the past month (oops), I felt it was only right to shove them up on here and sing their praises.

With incredible pop-rock songs, heavily guitar driven tunes and immense enthusiasm and energy on stage, they blew the roof off both The Garage in London and The Forum at the University of Hertfordshire. Yes, they may be playing smaller venues than they did on their last tour but they gave the gig the same amount of energy you would expect for a show at London's O2 Arena. Lawson are seriously passionate about their music, hiding themselves away in the US recently to get the best possible sound for their next album. They're not preoccupied with pushing out singles and albums as quickly as possible, they're concerned with quality and sound, something which contributes to music of the highest quality.

Of course it adds to the overall appeal of the band that they're all incredibly attractive (in particular drummer; Adam Pitts) but what is really at the center Lawson, is four immensely talented, charismatic and dedicated individuals who stop at nothing to make really good music.