On The Road Again (Gig Review)

Yes, for the second time in the space of a week (three days to be exact) I saw One Direction., but what can you do? I mean it was totally necessary and absolutely not obsessive or over the top, right? 

One Direction's set lasted over two hours and was all lazers, energy and awful, awful jokes (thank you Harry Styles). Having to tone down the size of their stage from stadium sized to arena and cut out the insane firework display didn't seem to make the concert any less spectacular. In fact, what they lacked in stage size, they certainly made up for in performance and all out incredibility.The energy that the One Direction boys showed on stage, their vocals and their stage presence was even more impressive than Harry's shirt collection, and his shirt collection is particularly impressive! There were a few hiccups, but when aren't there at a concert when at any one time it's likely one of the band members will have gone missing, talking or singing backstage as they decide to take an inconvenient toilet break or, as Liam did, a change of wardrobe despite looking absolutely, wonderfully, amazingly spectacular in the first place (I might be biased but that blue and  red shirt did look really, really wonderful on him). With Niall missing his cues, and full on giving up at one point, lying down on stage and ordering the audience to sing his part instead, a spontaneous kiss-cam and an over enthusiastic dad begging Niall for his guitar pick, the audience were never left bored or wanting to take a toilet break for themselves. 

The setlist was my favourite to date (although I am still hung up on the fact they've never sung Taken live, like I am really disappointed and rather upset) even though they cut Happily out (why do that? That's just not fair). Starting with No Control, an audience favourite after Project No Control was a twitter phenomenon, and leading then straight into Kiss You, before ending with Act My Age, What Makes You Beautiful and Drag Me Down, they squeezed five years worth of songs, albums and tours into the space of two hours wonderfully. Turning the whole of the O2 Arena into a mass of red lazers and insane vocals, Stockholm Syndrome was a crowd favourite before Don't Forget Where You Belong really hit home for all the One Direction boys with Niall expressing immense appreciation for the lives they now lead (we're oh-so glad you're home too Niall don't you worry).

As for the best bits? The unrehearsed, spontaneous and unexpected performance of Infinity had to come top, with the sound of an entire arena crowd singing Night Changes a close second.

Bad bits? Well, making everyone go home after only two hours is just inhumane and unfair really like please can it just never stop?

Star rating? I'm not sure five stars quite does it justice but 5* it is.